Arm & Chest Augmentation Procedures in Miami, FL

In today’s society, men who are seeking to add more definition to their chest area may want to consider learning about how Pectoral Implants, aka ‘Pectoral Augmentation’ can help them. Body sculpting has been used for many years now and there are some major advancements in surgical procedures used to enhance one’s physique and improve their self esteem. Many men turn to this type of surgery to address chest wall asymmetry or underdeveloped muscles in the chest. This procedure is commonly used to improve one’s chest appearance when exercise is not sufficient. In addition to Pectoral Augmentation, Bicep Augmentation or Bicep Implants are becoming increasingly popular and in high demand. This type of surgery involves the insertion of silicone-based implants and is similar in procedure to Breast Implants, and has the feeling of a ‘flexed’ muscle.

Many men are trying to achieve a look that they can not get through diet and exercise alone as there is an increasing pressure to be more muscular and achieve the perfect body. There are others who choose this procedure for reconstructive reasons, such as correcting defects caused by cancer or major trauma (ex. Major car accident where tissue was damaged).

So who is a good candidate for Pectoral Implants and Bicep Implants? If you are an individual who spends a number of hours at the gym and are not seeing the results you are looking for, then you may want to consider yourself a good candidate for these procedures. In addition, the best candidates are found in those who are:

  • Individuals who are self-conscious about their chest or arms
  • Anyone seeking fuller, better defined arm or chest muscles
  • Those suffering from asymmetry (ex. Poland’s Syndrome), hereditary defects, or to address issues caused by major trauma
  • Those in good physical & mental health with no allergies

To learn more about arm and chest augmentation, call us today to set up a consultation!

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