Q&a With Dr. Miami Beach On Brazilian Butt Lifts And The Newest Trend, Limb Lengthening – Yes That’s A Thing!

Brazillian Butt Lift Surgeon in Miami Beach

Dr. Tarik Husain is one of Florida’s top plastic surgeons. Husain is president of the Miami Society of Plastic Surgeons and specializes in many procedures, including abdominal etching. In this candid interview, Dr. Husain—also known as Dr. Miami Beach—talks about his time in the military, serving troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as…

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Beyond Skin Deep: a plastic surgery guide from Beverly Hills to Miami

Plastic surgery. The mere term can arouse a mélange of emotions: anxiety, curiosity, envy, excitement, suspicion, horror and mystery. It’s also become increasingly common. In 2019, over 18 million people underwent surgical or non-invasive enhancements, reconstruction, or medically necessary procedures. So why does it retain its enigma? Like being a passenger on an aircraft, we…

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